Fee Schedule




Self-directed On-site

Membership Status                        Up to 1 Hour               Each Additional Hour

KHS Members                                    Free                             Free

Non-Members                                     $20                              $30

Commercial                                         $30                              $40

Staff-supported Service (of KHS Collections)                                 

Membership Status                        Up to ½ Hour              Each Additional ½ Hour

KHS Members                                    Free                             $20

Non-Members                                     $30                              $40

Commercial                                         $40                              $50

Non-KHS Research (We will search the holdings of the Hawai`i State Archives, University of Hawai`i, BYU Hawai`i, Hawai`i and national repositories to answer your query.)

 Membership Status                        Up to ½ Hour              Each Additional ½ Hour

 KHS Members                                    Free                             $20

Non-Members                                     $30                              $40

Commercial                                         $40                              $50


Photocopies (Photocopies are not be used for reproduction, only for study or research.)

                                                           B&W                          Color

KHS Member                               $.50/page                    $1/page

Non-Members                             $1                                $2

Commercial                                 $3                                $5

Digitized copy emailed or saved personal flash drive (per image). Add $1 if Burned to CD/DVD

                                                            B&W                          Color

KHS Members                           $5/ea                           $10/ea

Non-Memb                                 $10                              $15

Commercial                               $15                              $20

Commercial Usage Fee

Printed media (books, magazines, posters, calendars)

Production Run                      For-profit                    Non-profit

Under 2,000                               $40/ea                         $20/ea

2,000 to 10,000                         $50                              $25

10,001 to 20,000                       $75                              $45

Multi-media (television, film, internet site [per year])

Per image                                    $80                              $40



5 thoughts on “Fee Schedule”

  1. Dear Sir or Madam:

    I’m researching an obscure out of state land title and trying to find the present heirs-at-law of Joseph Kauahoa Clarke (also called Jos. K. Clark) and his wife Abbie Clarke, who lived in Hawai’i around 1900 and owned property on Kaua’i. They and Joseph Clarke’s colleagues Ringer and Meinecke are mentioned in documents in your Frazier collection of Land Records (deeds etc.).

    Their documents are listed in the Frazier Collection Finding Aids online as:

    B8 F6 Kauhaikane to Ringer
    B9 F5 Keliikoa et al. to C. Meinecke
    B10 F76 C. Meinecke to Kaaea wt al.
    B10 F77 C. Meinecke to Keliikoa
    B12 F36 Pilipo, Kala to J. H. S. Martin

    Would you please email the total price of plain paper photocopies of these complete files, plus the cost of shipping to

    M. DE LA T. Y LLC
    Box 301569
    Austin, TX 78703,

    to my email address: yottosteradian @ gmx . com

    Pre-payment for the copies will be by check. Thank you for your attention.

    Yours truly, F. Lehmann

    1. Aloha!
      It is our pleasure to fulfill you request. The fee schedule for b&w photocopies is as follows:

      KHS Member – $.50/page
      Non-Members – $1

      Photocopies (Photocopies are not be used for reproduction, only for study or research.)
      Reflecting one of the benefits of membership. We will investigate the total number of pages today.

      mahalo piha, helen wong smith

      1. Aloha,

        There are 14 pages in all, membership fee at $0.50/page $7 and nom-member fee being $14. You can become a member on our website.

        mahalo piha, hws

  2. My husband and I love Kauai and visit every year. We decorate some of our rooms with things from Hawaii and I am a historian, so I tend to decorate with historical items. We are wanting to frame some old historical photos we have seen around the island. Is there a way we can do that? We would want to have 11×14 size photos.

    1. Aloha Mrs. Little,

      We have digitized over 13,000 photos from our collection. Unfortunately, they are only available in our office. If you provide a topic, area, era we could conduct a search and send you thumbnails for your review. Of course, investigating the database yourself is ideal. When is your next visit?

      mahalo piha, helen wong smith

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